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We’re proud to boast the cheapest and fastest spinning washers in town! Anytime you see, “ExpressWash”, that means those washers spin your items out 2-3x more than other washers in town. You’ll spend less money on drying and less time with South Side Laundry!

2-Load ExpressWash Washer: 6 Units

ExpressWash 2-Load

We proudly offer 6- of the fastest spinning 2-load washers in town! Come in and use our ExpressWash Double Load  Washers!

2-Load Washer: 6 Units

Double Load Washers

If you’re in need of a commercial 2-load washer, you’re in luck! We’ve got 12 total, and they’re cheaper than anyone else in town!

3-Load ExpressWash Washer: 2 Units

ExpressWash 3-Load

Our ExpressWash machines spin our twice as fast as normal laundromat machines. These 3-load washers are perfect for small-to-medium sized loads.

4-Load ExpressWash Washers: 6 Units

ExpressWash 4-Load

Our ExpressWash 4-load washers are the most popular in town – and for good reason. They cut down dry time in half, and enable you to wash and dry under an hour!

6-Load ExpressWash Washers: 2 Units

ExpressWash 6-Load

These monster washers are perfect for medium-to-large sized loads. With the 400G Force extract, you’ll spend less money on drying, and considerably less time in the laundromat. 

7-Load Washer: 1 Unit

7-Load Commercial Washer

This 200G Force extract commercial washer is ideal for large loads, and still spins out extremely quickly. A quick extract reduces the amount spent on drying.

8-Load Washer: 1 Unit

Monster Commercial Washer

Our Monster Commercial Washer is the largest and cheapest in town. Come on by, and try it!

ExpressDry 30lb. Dryers: 20 Units

ExpressDry Dryers

Our ExpressDry dryers enable you to dry in as little as 20 minutes (depending on your load). 

ExpressDry 45lb. Reversing Dryer – 4 Units

ExpressDry Reversing Dryers

For the larger loads, we have 4 – 45lb. reversing dryer pockets. These counter rotate every other minute which makes sure your items don’t bundle together, and enable a very quick dry! They’re the only ones like them in town, so come try them out!

Coin Operated & Mobile Operated

PayRange Available Here

Our laundromat proudly uses coin and mobile app operation. We partnered with PayRange so that you can start all washer and dryers with the swipe of a finger!

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